The Open-World Superman Game You Never Got to Play

With Batman v Superman coming to theaters next week, a lot of attention is being paid to the two iconic superheroes. Now, the team behind Did You Know Gaming? has published is latest video, this one diving into an open-world Superman game that was in development in 2007 before being canceled.

As explained in the video, the game was in development at defunct UK studio Factor 5 and would have been published by another company that has since closed, Brash Entertainment. The video features lots of concept art and in-development prototype footage of the game (via Game Informer).

It would have incorporated elements of the Superman franchises across comics and movies. It wasn’t going to be directly based on any past Superman story, but would have used elements of existing stories. For example, developers were planning to replicate the Superman vs. General Zod showdown from the movie Superman 2.

The game, the working title for which was Blue Steel, was reportedly planned to launch for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

For lots more, be sure to watch the full, 16-minute video; it’s stuffed with interesting insight. You can also see more art from the game at Unseen 64, while the rest of Did You Know Gaming?’s videos can be seen here.

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