Daredevil Star Wants Elektra in The Defenders

Daredevil star Elodie Yung has been talking about whether her character Elektra should appear in a standalone series or forthcoming team-up show The Defenders.

Speaking of a solo outing, Yung said “I love Elektra. I really have a special place in my heart for her. It was very enjoyable for me to discover her and to adapt her for this project and bring myself to this character. So I have a special spot for her. Having my own show – it’s not something that I think of, it’s not. I think I would choose to do things because they are interesting, because I like a character or because it’s very well written. Or because it makes sense. So that’s my answer.”

Extremely non-committal then! But when it comes to popping up in The Defenders, Yung has a much more definitive answer.

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