BvS’s Record-Breaking Friday-Sunday Box-Office Drop

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tore up the box office this past weekend, making $166.1 million domestically and another $254 million in foreign sales for a total take of approximately $420.1 million. These numbers make it the biggest superhero movie opening ever for Warner Bros., the biggest Easter weekend movie in history, and the fifth best opener in North American movie history. But for all those achievements, a new report indicates that the film has also broken a more dubious record.

According to Forbes, Batman v Superman has set a new record for the biggest Friday-to-Sunday box-office drop for a modern superhero movie. The film dipped 55% from its $82 million Friday debut to its $37 million gross on Sunday. To break that down, the grosses declined 38% Friday to Saturday and another 27% from Saturday to Sunday. By comparison, Forbes cites the Fantastic Four reboot’s decline from last summer, which only dropped 48% Friday-to-Sunday.

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