New Destiny Gear, Other Rewards, and All Today’s Destiny News

[UPDATED] The second livestream event for Destiny‘s April update took place earlier today and focused on the new gear players will be able to earn. You can see a lot of the new gear here. More videos from the event can be found at the bottom of this story.

Today’s livestream was the second of three planned events for Destiny’s April update. The first focused on all of the new playable content, including new bounties, quest lines, missions, and a new Strike. For more on that event, you can check out GameSpot’s roundup of all the announcements and details here.

Next week, on April 6, Bungie will hold the final livestream during which it will talk about Crucible and sandbox updates. The update itself comes out on April 12.

Looking further out, a “large” Destiny expansion is coming this fall, while a full-on sequel will debut in 2017.

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