7 Improvements Coming To The Division Next Month

The Division is getting its 1.1 update on April 12, which will include the new Falcon Lost incursion alongside a host of other new features and tweaks. Check out some of what we can expect from the upcoming update.

Incursions will include two difficulties, Hard Mode and the more difficult Challenge Mode. The producers recommend getting new Gear Sets before trying the Incursions on Challenge Mode. You’ll be able to matchmake for Incursions, with Gear Score serving as a tool to match you appropriately with other players. Incursions, or at least this first Incursion, will not have checkpoints, so failure will mean you need to start over. You can do Incursions as much as you like, but the first time in any weekly challenge will yield the best reward. Rewards for completing Incursions will include new Gear Set pieces and new High-End weapons.

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