Star Fox Zero: We Took Nintendo’s Flight Game for a Spin

What’s it like to play Star Fox Zero for a week? The short answer is pretty fun. This February, we brought you up to speed on what’s changed in Star Fox Zero since E3. For this preview, I decided to chart my voyage through the war torn Lylatt system and tell you as much as I can about using two screens to pilot an Arwing, the benefits of co-op play, the different vehicles controls, and more.

The most important skill necessary to succeed as a pilot in Nintendo’s new Star Fox game is, believe it or not, the ability to multi-task. The controls split your attention between a ship view on the TV and a cockpit view on the GamePad. It’s a demanding setup, but it’s also an interesting concept. Once you gain the confidence to gracefully bounce from one screen to the other you can show off some slick skills, as you shoot down enemy aircraft. It took me (roughly) two-hours of flight time to really understand this two-screen piloting system, but I feel like a better pilot for it.

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