Check Out These Cool Video Game-Inspired Posters for New Thriller Green Room

The influence of video games upon movies extends way beyond straight adaptations such as the upcoming Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed. Many films today are inspired by the visual language and style of games, and one of the latest is the acclaimed thriller Green Room. Two very cool game-inspired posters have been produced for the film, which we can reveal exclusively below:

Green Room stars Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, and Imogen Poots, and is directed by Jeremy Saulnier. It focuses upon a punk band who must fight to survive when they are trapped backstage after a show by a gang of white supremacists. Check out the red-band trailer below:

In an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, Stewart described his experience of reading the script for the first time. “I began reading just as dusk was falling,” Stewart told People. “Around about page 40, I closed the script and I got up and I went around my house–because I was alone–-making sure that all the doors and windows were locked. The movie had undermined me and made me feel so unsafe, I knew without a doubt it was what I wanted to do next.”

Stewart also spoke about his character, a club owner who also happens to be the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang. “Something happens–which is no fault of his, or no concern of his, really–which threatens his livelihood, his career, his business, everything is at stake,” he said.

“So he has to quietly, methodically, work out a plan in which he can prevent the collapse of his existence from happening. Unfortunately, in order to bring this about, these four young people have to die.”

Green Room hits cinemas on April 21, 2016.

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