Hitman Patch Improves PC Performance, Adds Vampire Magician Pack

Update 1.03 is out for Hitman, bringing with it a new challenge pack and a number of improvements, particularly for the PC.

The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack adds 10 new challenges that have been inspired by the community. Elsewhere in the Paris Showstopper mission on PC, a few things such as character infinite loops and bugs involving the phone have been fixed.

The patch has also improved load times, especially for the Paris mission, and more work is being done to improve the times further along the road. An issue with scoring has also been fixed where players would get a zero second time and a score of 210,000.

PC players will now be able to override the default memory safeguards and use any resolution and graphics quality settings. If you’ve got a 3GB graphics card, your resolution cap has been increased from 1920×1200 to 2560×1600.

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