Harry Potter: How Different is LA’s New Theme Park Location?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now officially open at Universal Studios Hollywood and got an appropriately huge, movie premiere-style event this week to celebrate the long-awaited second US location for the major theme park area, after the one at Universal Studios Orlando opened six years ago. In attendance were Harry Potter movie alums Tom Felton (“Draco Malfoy”), Evanna Lynch (“Luna Lovegood”), Warwick Davis (“Professor Flitwick”) and James Phelps & Oliver Phelps (“Fred & George Weasley”) and the likes of Steven Spielberg, Billy Bob Thornton, Ed O’Neill and many more.

The official kickoff ceremony was incredible to behold. John Williams conducted the LA Philharmonic in a performance of music from the Potter films in front of Hogwarts castle, as truly spectacular images projected onto the castle, including visual depictions of each Hogwarts house (the green snakes circling the towers of the castle during the Slytherin portion was particularly cool) and then animated imagery that made it appear as though the walls of the castle opened up, letting you see the moving staircases and the Great Hall inside, all backed by a big fireworks display.

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