Fallout Meets Counter-Strike in Awesome New Video

Have you ever felt like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be a lot easier if you could use the slow-motion-inducing V.A.T.S. from Fallout 4? Well, now you can see what that might look like in a new video (via PC Gamer).

YouTuber Westracer has created an impressive and awesome-looking video called “Nuclear Strike” that blends the worlds of Fallout and Counter-Strike. You can watch it for yourself below.

The video shows Counter-Strike characters using things like V.A.T.S. and the Pip-Boy to slow time and fast travel–though the Pip-Boy seems a lot faster and responsive than the one you’d find in Fallout 4. You also get a look at a character in power armor, mowing enemies down with a light machine gun.

If you want to see more videos featuring the two shooters, you can check out this video of Counter-Strike and other games reimagined with Lego. You can also watch the Captain America: Civil War trailer recreated in Fallout 4.

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