Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Talks Season 6 Premiere’s Big Win

Full spoilers for Game of Thrones: Season 6’s premiere, “The Red Woman,” continue below.

It’s about damn time.

Brienne of Tarth has been on the hunt for Sansa Stark for seasons and seasons on Game of Thrones, and Sansa has been in desperate need of a champion for just as long. Finally, right at the moment when it seemed sure that Sansa would be captured by Ramsay Bolton’s men and returned to her tormentor, Game of Thrones delivered its first big victory of Season 6: Brienne swooping in to save the day.

That rescue and Brienne’s subsequent pledge of loyalty to Sansa mark a big turning point for both of their arcs, and actress Sophie Turner promises good things are to come for her character.

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