Ubisoft hands over rights of 1666: Amsterdam to creator Patrice Desilets

Ubisoft has agreed to hand over the rights of 1666: Amsterdam to former Assassin’s Creed creative director Patrice Desilets, according to a press release sent out this afternoon.

In return, Desilets, who spent two years developing the game at THQ Montreal which was then bought by former employer Ubisoft, has agreed to drop the suit which was seeking nearly half a million dollars and the rights to the game.

Desilets filed the suit in June 2013 after Ubisoft fired him and put development of the game on hold. At the time, Desilets said he had a contractual right to buy the game back from Ubi and continue work on its development. Ubisoft argued that any contracts he signed with THQ are non-binding.

“Putting aside our past differences,…

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