Killing Floor 2 Event Offers Double XP, More Frequent Item Drops This Weekend

A special event is now underway in Killing Floor 2, offering a variety of bonuses for those who play this weekend.

These bonuses come in two forms. The first is double experience for all perks, letting you more quickly rank up and get access to high-level skills. The other is with items–the drop rate has been increased to guarantee you get one every 24 hours during the event.

All of this is available from now until 10 AM PST on Monday, May 2.

Developer Tripwire Interactive’s recent efforts on Killing Floor 2 have centered around the early access game’s new competitive mode. Alongside the start of today’s event, Tripwire also released a new update that gives some love to the standard cooperative mode (as well as the new Versus Survival mode). There’s nothing in the way of new features, but there are some appreciated changes, such as an increase in bullet speed for certain weapons during Zed time and a bump to the amount of dosh earned by about 10 percent. The full patch notes follow at the bottom of this post.

Finally, Tripwire announced the release of a new map through Steam Workshop called The Museum (pictured above). It was created by a member of Tripwire’s staff, Matthew “Fever” Lefevere and can be downloaded here.

Killing Floor 2’s 1032 update patch notes:

General Changes and Fixes:

  • Increased the speed of normal bullets (pistol, assault rifle, SMG) by 3x in Zed time. (Note: Visual effects for this change are still in progress)
  • Fixed issue with Siren Particle effects on low graphics
  • Fixed sensitivity sliders not have numbers
  • Fixed controller sensitivity setting not saving when changed via main menu
  • Fixed stalker keeping head while in headless state
  • Fixed pressing ‘B’ with a gamepad to open the trader sometimes causes it to automatically close
  • Increased minimum dosh amount when respawning on some difficulties
  • Increased starting dosh amount of dosh on some difficulties
  • Increased the overall amount of dosh earned by killing Zeds across all difficulties by approximately 10%

Versus Changes and Fixes:

  • You can no longer start a solo versus game
  • Tweaked dosh and XP values for player Zeds in Versus
  • Fixed executing “Changeteam” command while on a balanced team stops certain control inputs
  • XP and Dosh was not being awarded after killing human-controlled Zeds in versus

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