Play These Games for Free on Steam This Weekend

Alongside its second annual anime game sale, Steam is also offering users the chance to play two games for free this weekend.

The first of these is Duck Game, the Adult Swim-published, multiplayer-focused action game released last June. You can check it out in the video and image gallery below, but suffice it to say it’s worth checking out if you have friends to play with.

It’s free to play from now until Sunday, May 1, at 1 PM PT. You also have until May 2 to pick it up at a 40 percent discount; that brings the price down to $7.79 for one copy or $24 for a four-pack.

Steam’s other free weekend game is one with a title that might take you the whole weekend to read–Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. It’s a first-person shooter first released in December as an early-access title. It remains in development and is expected to launch in full sometime later this year as a free-to-play game.

Like Duck Game, anyone can play it from now until Sunday at 1 PM. If you want to continue playing beyond then, you can buy your way into early access; a sale running from now until May 3 lets you do so for as little as $2.49.

Grab the games from their Steam pages through the links below.

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