Top 10 World of Warcraft Dungeons

Challenging mechanics, magnificent environments, epic loot, and the unmistakably enjoyable absence of a garrison mission table. The following ten dungeons demonstrate the very best of what cooperative content in World of Warcraft has to offer.

World of Warcraft's Grimrail Depot. World of Warcraft’s Grimrail Depot.

From taking control of a clunky and cumbersome dragon in the occulus, to role-playing through an Ogre Stronghold in Dire Maul, World of Warcraft players are no strangers to gimmicky dungeons. But sometimes these deviations from the standard fare surprise and excite – just like Grim Rail Depot. Set aboard a speeding train, Grimrail Depot exhibited perhaps the most unique set piece of any dungeon in Warcraft history. The cramped opening half and annoying trash keep it from placing higher on the list, but even the saltiest curmudgeon couldn’t help but crack a smile the first time they saw the iron sides of the train fall off their hinges, revealing a stunning landscape rolling by.

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