Dead Island Definitive Collection Gets Vicious Trailer Filled With Silly Quotes

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for the upcoming Dead Island Definitive Collection. As you might have expected, this video is vicious and gory, showing off a variety of zombie kills and more.

The video is also filled with a bunch of silly quotes and stats, including things like “More tools of destruction than the dentist” and “More walking corpses than Washington D.C.” Take a look:

The $40 Dead Island Definitive Collection comes with remastered versions of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, as well as a mini-game called Retro Revenge. This will be available physically and digitally on May 31 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also on that date, Deep Silver will release each game individually through PSN and Xbox Live for $20 each. If you want physical versions, you need to buy the Collection.

In other news about the Dead Island franchise, development on Dead Island 2 has resumed, with LittleBigPlanet developer Sumo Digital taking over for Yager. Additionally, Deep Silver has teased that it will make a “major announcement” at E3, though this may not necessarily be about Dead Island.

For more on the games included with the Definitive Collection, check out GameSpot’s reviews below.

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