Doom PS4 Trophies Detailed, Feature Callbacks to Id Software’s PC Classic

The complete list of PlayStation 4 Trophies for Bethesda and Id Software’s upcoming Doom reboot have been revealed, courtesy of Exophase.

There are some fairly standard Trophies, acquired by reaching single-player milestones or defeating key bosses. But there’s also a few callbacks to the series’ past, which is a nice touch. Take a look at the list below to see what you’ll need to do to unlock all the Trophies.

Id Software executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin recently joined GameSpot for a Doom single-player livestream, in which they talked to us about the game and its intense difficulty mode, Ultra-Nightmare. Check it out to see more of Doom, which launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13.

  • Thy Flesh Consumed – Earn all Trophies
  • Shoot it Until it Dies – Defeat the Cyberdemon
  • Outnumbered? No Problem – Defeat the Hell Guards
  • Who’s Next? – Defeat the Spider Mastermind
  • E1M1 – Complete the first mission of the campaign
  • Into the Unknown – Warp to Hell
  • Knee-Deep in the Dead – Complete the campaign on ‘I’m Too Young to Die’, ‘Hurt Me Plenty’, ‘Ultra Violence’, or ‘Nightmare’.
  • A Toe into Madness – Complete The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare
  • Up Close and Personal – Kill 50 enemies using the Chainsaw
  • Specialist – Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod
  • IDKFA – Earn the Masteries for all weapon mods
  • Hot Swapper – Acquire all weapon mods
  • Historian – Find all Data Logs
  • Timing is Everything – Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies
  • Every Nook and Cranny – Find all Collectibles
  • Argent Overload – Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity
  • Argent Fiend – Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run.
  • A Gift from Beyond – Earn a Rune
  • The Circle is Complete – Earn all Runes
  • Tinkering – Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category.
  • Overclocked- Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run.
  • Thorough Shopper- Complete all Challenges for a single mission.
  • Butcher- Perform 200 Glory Kills
  • Rip and Tear- Glory Kill all common enemy types in the campaign.
  • Juicin’ it up- Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups
  • Momentum Shift- Upgrade a Rune
  • IDDQD- Upgrade all Runes
  • What Else Ya Got?- Complete all Mission Challenges
  • IPXSETUP.EXE- Win a Multiplayer match
  • Combat tested, Doomguy approved – Reach Level 5 in Multiplayer
  • An Old Friend- Acquire the BFG
  • Shareware- Create and publish a SnapMap
  • No Rest for the Living- Play 5 published SnapMaps
  • Entryway- Complete the SnapMap Basic and Advanced Tutorials

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