Oculus Rift Hits Retail Stores This Weekend

Oculus has shared some details of the impending launch at select Best Buy stores this weekend.

48 Best Buy stores in the U.S. will hold “extremely limited” numbers of the virtual reality headset from May 7. Oculus Rifts will also be available online from Microsoft and Amazon starting from May 6 at 9am PST.

Oculus is still catching up on pre-orders, as some people still haven’t received their headsets yet. Oculus says if you’ve pre-ordered, you can pick a headset up at a store while still retaining your pre-order bonuses.

If you’d rather do this than wait, simply go to your Oculus Order Status and say you’ve purchased one at retail. Your pre-order will then be cancelled, and your EVE: Valkyrie founders pack should appear in your order history. You’ll also still get priority status for Oculus Touch pre-orders.

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