Deceased Writer’s Coffin Was Covered in Anime Girls

Deceased Writer's Coffin Was Covered in Anime Girls
[Image: aizawahiroshi]

Sadly, Japanese author Tomohiro Matsu recently passed away at the age of 43. At the funeral service, his coffin was covered with expressions of gratitude and anime girl drawings from friends and colleagues.

Matsu was perhaps best known for writing the light novel series Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (aka PapaKiki!).

As noted on Hamusoku, Yuka Nakajima, the artist that illustrated PapaKiki!, Kentaro Yabuki of Black Cat fame, character designer and artist Misato Mitsumi, and illustrator Peco were among those who adorned the coffin as a tribute and a way to send him to the next world.

Note that the family apparently granted permission for these images to be uploaded and shared on Twitter.

What makes these drawings even more poetic is that, as it’s traditionally done in Japan, Matsu was cremated while in the coffin, meaning the remnants of these illustrations then mixed with his ashes.

Forty-three is far too young. May Matsu rest in peace.

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