New Flash Images Reveal Return of Fallen Hero…Sort Of

The penultimate Season 2 episode of The Flash – “Invincible” – races into our lives on Tuesday, May 17th and The CW has released a bunch of new preview images for it.

When we last left things, Zoom had recruited a horde of Earth-2 villains for an assault on Barry and his team. And now photos reveal that one of them, the leader, is Black Siren. Yes, Katie Cassidy, fresh from her exit on Arrow, returns to TV as Black Canary’s evil alternate universe doppelgänger.

Also, you’ll see the curious return of Killer Frost and Reverb, both presumed to be very dead. Check it out…

The synopsis for “Invincible” reads: “After Zoom unleashes an army of Earth-2 meta-humans on Central City, Barry is shaken when he sees their leader is the Black Canary’s Earth-2 doppelgänger, the Black Siren. Meanwhile, Wally takes to the streets to help the Flash stop the meta-humans, which worries Joe; and Iris and Henry become concerned about Barry taking on Zoom.”

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