EA to Work on VR, ‘Virtual Humans,’ and Deep Learning

EA has created a new team which is looking to improve upon virtual and augmented reality.

Speaking during the recent EA investor call, executive vice president of EA Studios Patrick Söderlund announced what part EA’s future will look like.

Frostbite Labs is a team of 30-40 people working on “out there” EA projects. Söderlund says they are “a set of very talented people that are working on longer term things, that I believe could be profound for the industry.”

“When virtual reality becomes important to us, which I think it will be, how you’re seen as a virtual human in that world is something we need to solve,” said Söderlund.

EA will also be looking towards deep learning and neural networks to create procedurally generated content. “Instead of having to work with a conceptual artist to build a level and figure out whether it’s winter, whether it’s night-time,

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