Why Preacher Doesn’t Begin at the Same Point as the Comics

When Preacher’s pilot begins, it’s going to feel a bit different than the start of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion’s source material.

Whereas the first issue of Preacher launches main characters Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip on a road tripping adventure around the US, Season 1 of the new AMC series is largely set in the West Texas town of Annville. In many ways, this season will serve as a prequel of sorts to what fans know in the comics.

“In some ways in terms of Jesse’s journey most of all, it’s a prequel in how we think of it,” explained showrunner Sam Catlin. “We really wanted to spend time with Jesse as a preacher. He’s a preacher in name only in the comic book. We never actually see him preach, and so we really liked this idea of having him believe in God and trust God and have an investment in God and see that, and then what happens when the rug is sort of pulled out from under him.”

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