Giant Overwatch Action Figures Unveiled Across the World

Overwatch made a big promotional splash today, emphasis on big, when three giant action figures of characters from the game were unveiled in Los Angeles, California (Tracer), Paris, France (Genji), and Busan, South Korea (Pharah).

Each figure, standing about 15 feet tall, was housed in action-figure packaging complete with accessories, stats on the back, and a “Try Me!” button that, when pushed, made a part of the figure light up.

I went down to Hollywood Blvd to check out the Tracer figure, which was planted right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (in front of the star belonging to Britney Spears, no less). Being in the middle of a busy tourist area, tons of people were taking pictures, although none seemed to know what it was, save for one teenage girl who ran up, excited as can be, talking about how much she couldn’t wait to play as Tracer, her favorite character.

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