New Star Trek Beyond Scenes Described

Paramount Pictures thrilled Trekkies, Trekkers and Treksters (is that a thing?) alike on Friday night with its Star Trek Beyond Fan Event, a promotional push for the upcoming third picture in the rebooted franchise intended to get fans excited for the film. The evening, which took place on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, included cast and filmmaker appearances, a Leonard Nimoy tribute, footage debuts, a party held amid a treasure trove of Trek prop and costume displays, and more.

Not only did the new trailer for the film debut at the event, and then online shortly afterwards (watch it below), but we were also shown a few scenes from the film. An opening montage sequence depicted Chris Pine’s Kirk doing the Captain’s Log thing that we know so well from the old show. The Enterprise is now two or three years into its famed five-year mission, he says, and the day to day drudgery of life on the ship has settled in. The humorous touch of co-writer Simon Pegg (who of course also plays Scotty) is clear here, as Kirk opens his closet where nothing hangs but a dozen of the same yellow uniforms, or as he talks about how the Enterprise’s mission now feels like a series of “episodes.” It’s funny but also has a real old-school Star Trek feel to it, as if the Abramsverse characters have finally grown into the Enterprise crew we remember so well.

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