7 Comics You Should Read This Week

Every Wednesday, hundreds of new comic books are released, and figuring out what books are worth reading can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’re here to help you out with that. Here are seven upcoming issues, in no particular order, you should consider buying on Wednesday, May 25.

DC Universe Rebirth

Published by DC

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis

If you plan on buying any comic at all this week, make sure it’s Rebirth. Everything about the DC Universe changes in this issue. We recently talked to Geoff Johns about the upcoming book, and it sounds pretty fantastic. DC’s next chapter begins here.

Justice League #50

Published by DC

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Jason Fabok

Much like Rebirth, there are some major events happening in this final issue of Justice League because this is the conclusion to the long-running story “The Darkseid War.” This is an over-sized issue, and there’s a larger price point because of this, but this has been one of the best stories to come out of this current DC Universe. This is a must read as well.

Superman #52

Published by DC

Written by Peter Tomasi

Art by Mikel Janin

There is one more DC book that you’re going to want to check out if you’re buying Rebirth. The current arc of Superman is called “The Final Days of Superman,” and that title doesn’t sound too good for the Man of Steel. Writer Peter Tomasi wraps up the story this week with some phenomenal artwork from Mikel Janin. Find out what happens to Superman this week.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Published by Marvel

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Jesus Saiz

Sam Wilson has taken the mantle of Captain America for the past year, but now, Steve Rogers is back in the red, white, and blue. Nick Spencer, the current writer of the Sam Wilson: Captain America series, pens this new book, which will have Rogers taking on Hydra.

Mighty Thor #7

Published by Marvel

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Rafa Garres

Last month, this series took a bit of a break from the Jane Foster stories to deliver something that read more as a fairy tale or myth: the story of a Viking king who prayed to Thor. The story continues here as the king gains powers from Loki to take Thor on in battle. This is a really refreshing story and a nice little break from everything else going on in the book.

Star Wars #19

Published by Marvel

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Leinil Yu

If you’re a fan of Star Wars but not reading the series from Marvel, you’re truly missing out on something great. This comic has been expanding on the Star Wars Universe, and it fits into the movie franchise exceptionally well. The “Rebel Jail” story arc may be ending here, but that shouldn’t turn you off from checking this book out.

Bill & Ted Go to Hell #4

Published by BOOM! Studios

Written by Brian Joines

Art by Bachan

The newest Bill & Ted comic comes to a conclusion this week. If you loved the two films, you’re going to enjoy Bill & Ted’s antics in this series as they take on the new ruler of both Heaven and Hell! Brian Joines has a wonderful grasp of these character’s voices, and Bachan’s art is the perfect fit, tonally, for this book.

Looking for even more to read? Check out these other recommendations.

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