Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Launch Trailer Sets Up Story, Shows off Free-Running

Electronic Arts has posted the launch trailer for Mirror’s Edge sequel Catalyst. The video sets up some of the story, which sees the original game’s hero, Faith Connors, take on the city’s evil leader Gabriel Kruger. Also on display is some free-running and combat action, which you would of course expect to see.

“Times are about to change in the city of Glass,” reads a line from the video’s description. Check it out:

Catalyst launches on June 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA/Origin Access members on Xbox One and PC can start playing on June 2.

The game was originally expected to launch on May 24, but EA pushed it to June 7 to give the team at DICE extra time to implement changes based on feedback from the beta.

“We’re confident that these extra two weeks will make sure the game is as amazing as possible for you, the players,” DICE said when announcing the delay.

Although neither EA nor developer DICE have said how long Catalyst will take to complete, it has said the game’s open-world city is “huge” and explorable.

DICE is also working on this October’s World War 1 shooter, Battlefield 1.

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