The Walking Dead Isn’t as Scary as New Show Outcast, Creator Says

If you think The Walking Dead is scary, then you might not want to watch creator Robert Kirkman’s new show, Outcast. In an interview with EW, Kirkman said Outcast is “a scarier show,” adding that the two are very different.

Kirkman explained, saying that his new show is less of “a visceral, physical threat” and more of “an inward threat.” He added that if you watched his new show without knowing he’s involved, you would have no idea that it’s from the same person who brought you The Walking Dead.

“It’s not a smart show, because I don’t ever want to do a smart show, but it is somewhat cerebral to think about things that are inside people, and dealing with the struggles of people who aren’t the people they’re supposed to be,” he explained. “The stories that we’re telling are very different.”

Kirkman continued, adding that it’s “not a road show like The Walking Dead,” and instead focuses on its one-town setting.

“The town of Rome, West Virginia, is very much its own character in the show, and the community that’s built there is kind of what makes it so terrifying to think about all these people that know each other’s secrets,” he said.

“But there’s this element in this town that is changing them, that’s making them different people, that’s making them a threat. Your friends and neighbors and loved ones can be your greatest enemy at the turn of a dime, and it’s not because they’re mindless monsters–they’re a cunning, manipulative, very dangerous creature that is suddenly in your midst.”

Kirkman also talked about the differences between the two shows’ main characters. Rick Grimes gets beat down over the course of The Walking Dead, while Outcast‘s Kyle Barnes has already had his life ruined when we meet him.

Outcast is a supernatural horror story that follows Barnes, a man whose family members have been involved with demonic possession for many years. With the help of a reverend, he tries to uncover what’s behind the demonic phenomenon. Like The Walking Dead, it also started as a comic book.

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