This Incredible Star Wars Drone Dogfight Gives the Movies a Run For Their Money

If you like Star Wars dogfights, then Corridor Digital’s latest video is sure to impress. The YouTube channel has created an aerial fight with Star Wars drones: one X-wing and three TIE fighters.

The video does feature some added visual and sound effects, though the Corridor team did do a lot of it with cameras and props they created, like the cockpits. You can see how they created the video here or watch the drone dogfight below.

Corridor didn’t create the video on their own, however, as they received help from Rotor Riot, who Corridor says is the “best drone pilots.” You can see their impressive flying here, including some crashes and the discovery of a lost, crashed drone.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen many impressive Star Wars fan creations. Earlier this month, we saw an outstanding video that created a James Bond-like intro for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back–unfortunately, the video has since been taken down.In February, someone created an awesome Mario Kart video, where Nintendo’s characters raced in iconic Star Wars spacecrafts.

Other creations that added Star Wars ships to video games include a Grand Theft Auto V mod and a Halo 5: Guardians Forge map that introduced pod racing to the first-person shooter.

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