WWE Superstar Performs Street Fighter Move During Match

WWE superstar Xavier Woods is known for his wacky antics inside and outside the ring, and some of his hijinks have incorporated things from video games. At WWE’s latest PPV, Extreme Rules, he attacked his opponent with a Hadouken.

Woods performed the Street Fighter move in the Tag Team Championship match between his team, The New Day, and the Vaudevillains. The unfortunate recipient of Woods’ Hadouken was Aiden English, and it looks like it really messed him up–yes, we know it’s scripted. You can check it out for yourself below.

One of his previous video game exploits saw him playing the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare music on a trombone (video courtesy of David Najib). He’s also the host of his own gaming YouTube channel for WWE called UpUpDownDown, and he’s contributed to GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb’s Game of the Year coverage.

In semi-related goofs, The New Day showed up at WrestleMania 32 in Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Armor after walking out of a giant cereal box. You can see it to believe it in the GIF below.

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