Destiny Update Fixes Unlimited Rocket Glitch; Iron Banner Now Underway

A serious glitch in Destiny that allowed players to obtain unlimited amounts of Heavy weapon ammunition forced the cancelation of the Trials of Osiris event last week. Bungie has now resolved the issue and kicked off the latest Iron Banner.

Bungie today deployed a hot fix, version, that fixes two glaring issues. Players should no longer be able to get unlimited rocket and other Heavy ammo, nor should they have access to unlimited Super abilities. Those come as welcome developments for those who have faced off against players who took advantages of the exploits, though Bungie has said it doesn’t plan to ban those players.

With those problems resolved, Iron Banner is now underway and runs until the weekly reset on May 31. Participants will be playing Control and can earn a handful of Iron Banner-specific rewards, all of which you can see pictured above. Those include three PlayStation-exclusive pieces of armor–one for each class.

Rewards available from Lord Saladin include chest pieces, gauntlets, and the PlayStation-exclusive gauntlets at Iron Banner Rank 3; fusion rifles at Rank 4; and sidearms at Rank 5. All of these can also be obtained from post-game drops no matter what rank you’ve reached in Iron Banner.

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