Pokemon GO Battle Mechanics, Gym Details Revealed

As Pokemon GO’s early testing begins in the United States, The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic revealed new information about the upcoming mobile game.

The augmented reality game will allow players to find and capture over 100 different Pokemon. Players use Poke Balls to catch Pokemon; players will throw them at Pokemon, and hope it stays shut. Poke Balls and other “special” items are available at PokeStops—which are located at “interesting” public spots like art installations and historical monuments.

Pokemon GO players can engage in gym battles as part of one of three teams. Gyms, like PokeStops, are located in real-world locations.

Gyms are up for grabs in Pokemon GO. Players use their captured Pokemon to battle with other Pokemon assigned to other’s gyms, and have the chance to claim it for their own once the gym’s prestige level reaches zero. The claimant must then assign their own Pokemon to the gym and battle others to restore its prestige.

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