WWE Smackdown Going Live, Moving Nights

WWE SmackDown is moving to Tuesday nights starting July 19, and for the first time ever, the show will air live each week. WWE also has revealed that SmackDown will now feature its own distinct cast from WWE RAW, along with “unique storylines, and a dedicated writing team.”

This gives USA Network five hours of live WWE programming each week, including RAW. WWE will soon feature a new Superstar draft storyline that will divide the roster between the two shows, harkening back to the old days when the two shows had a much more distinct split and draft scenarios were commonplace.

In recent years, almost all of WWE’s notable storyline swerves and big moments occurred on RAW, with SmackDown perceived as a show where little of significance occurred – only amplified due to it taping on Tuesdays and airing on Thursdays, meaning it was easy to read spoilers posted from those who were in attendance in the arenas where it was filmed. Making SmackDown live, with its own group of wrestlers, looks to be pushing the show in a much bigger way again and making it a much more important part of WWE’s weekly programming.

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