Ex-Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon Devs Debut Absolver, New Online Melee RPG

Devolver Digital has announced Absolver, a new online melee RPG developed by Sloclap, a studio staffed by designers, programmers, and artists that previously worked on Watch Dogs and the Ghost Recon series at Ubisoft.

The game, which is coming to “PC and consoles” in 2017, casts players as a Prospect, a member of an “elite corps of combatants” called the Absolvers, who are “fighting to maintain stability in the world.”

According to a press release, Absolver will feature “fluid real-time combat” that lets players switch between four tactical stances. Abilities such as dodges and parries will be key to winning solo duels or 3-on-3 fights.

Players will also be able to define their character’s style of fighting by selecting a combat weapon and arranging attacks in a combat deck.

Finally, online multiplayer will be a core part of the game, as Prospects and Absolvers will “seamlessly encounter others in the world, generating unique stories that emerge through player interaction and choices.”

A trailer, which you can watch above, shows footage of the Absolver’s melee combat, and publisher Devolver Digital has announced more will be shown on June 13 at 5 PM on Twitch.

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As always, Devolver Digital chief executive Fork Parker has the best elevator pitch for its new game.

“Our extensive, international focus groups illustrate that people want to be able to punch faceless, nameless strangers over the internet,” he said. “Absolver is going to be your digital outlet for real-time, fluid beatdowns of those that stand against you.”

Take a look at some screenshots from the game in the gallery above.

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