The Last Guardian’s Trico Can Shoot Lightning Out of Its Tail and More New Details Revealed

The Last Guardian‘s bird-dog-creature-thing Trico may be a friendly looking beast, but the creature also has some formidable powers, we’ve now learned.

In the latest issue of Edge, as reported by GamesRadar, Sony revealed that Trico can shoot a “deadly stream of lightning” from its tail.

Here’s how it works, according to GamesRadar: “Trico’s ability is linked to a mirror picked up by the boy which is wielded like a shield. Point the shield in a direction and the creature will fire a devastating bolt of red electricity.”

Director Fumito Ueda suggested that making use of Trico’s fiery tail power will be important throughout The Last Guardian. He also explained why he gave Trico the power in the first place.

“There are several reasons why I explored this idea, but one of them is to make players understand the force and ferocity of Trico,” he said. “I believe things are more attractive when there’s a bit of oddness to them, rather than something being normal and appearing to be generally acceptable. The same thing can be said about Trico’s appearance.”

It’s also mentioned in the Edge story that Trico’s eyes will change color depending on how it feels–if its eyes are pink, it is wary or angry. Additionally, Trico’s feathers will stand on end when it becomes angry.

The new issue of Edge is out now. You can subscribe here.

After years of speculation, Sony used its E3 2015 briefing to announce that The Last Guardian, which was originally revealed in 2009 as a PS3 title, had shifted to PS4. The game is slated to launch sometime in 2016, though a specific release date has not been announced. It is being developed by Sony Japan Studio and genDESIGN.

In November 2015, Sony said it was purposefully holding back what it shows of The Last Guardian because it is a story-heavy game.

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