GTA 5’s Next Weekly Event Detailed

The latest Grand Theft Auto V weekly event is now underway, and it offers the usual assortment of discounts and bonuses in GTA Online.

In terms of bonuses, all races are currently awarding double cash and RP through Sunday, May 29. This covers races created by Rockstar and players alike, and there will be the standard playlist accessible from the loading screen for those looking to jump right into a match that will award the bonuses. Sumo mode will also be handing out these same bonuses through Sunday.

Starting on Monday and running through Thursday, the cash rewards will go back to normal, and the only bonus will come in the form of double RP. This will only be offered through the featured playlist and not standalone races/Sumo events.

As for discounts, some heavy-duty vehicles are on sale. The Insurgent is 25 percent off, the armed Insurgent (the one with a machine gun on top) is 50 percent off, and the Dubsta 6X6 is 50 percent off. All stilt houses are also half off, while Lester’s various services are 75 percent off. Finally, Benny’s upgrades and select Ammu-Nation items (like the homing launcher and its ammo) are 25 percent off.

Besides this event, Rockstar today also announced new details about GTA Online’s next big update. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony launches on June 7 and brings with it new vehicles and ways to expand your “criminal enterprise.”

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