Super Mario Maker Used in Marriage Proposal to Girlfriend

We’ve seen people propose during a Destiny livestream, in the middle of a Mischief Makers speedrun, and with a video game they created specifically for that purpose. Now, we’ve seen a man propose to his girlfriend with a level he created in Super Mario Maker.

The YouTube video, uploaded by user Retro Shanerator, starts with Shane’s girlfriend making her way through the level as he lends a few words of advice along the way. Eventually, she comes across blocks that spell her name, and… well, you can watch the video below to see what happens next–spoiler, he proposes.

The video has reached over 170,000 views and was picked up by Ellen DeGeneres (via EW). Shane wrote a post on Facebook that featured pictures of some creative things for the ring to sit on, including a Super Mushroom, inside Pixar’s Wall-E robot, and in the hands of a stormtrooper. You can read the post in full here.

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