How to Celebrate GameSpot’s 20th Anniversary

Throughout the week, we’ve been celebrating GameSpot’s 20th anniversary with a series of retrospective features looking at how got to where it is today. (Yup we’re also Go ahead and try typing it into the URL bar.)

But in case you missed any of the great videos and articles, check out all the anniversary content we put together for you below.

Every GameSpot Game of the Year Ever

You can watch the montage above, or dig through the full gallery, broken down by year, here.

And a cool bit of trivia: GameSpot’s first-ever Game of the Year award went to the PC classic Diablo.

20 Memorable Moments From GameSpot’s History

Really wacky videos, in-depth features and reviews, and even some mild controversy, GameSpot has been through a lot. Check out some of the most popular, interesting, and flat-out important content we’ve ever posted on the site.

20 Defining Moments in Gaming Over the Last 20 years

Did the Internet exist before GameSpot? Probably. But these are the 20 most important years, kicking off with the birth of GameSpot in 1996

Where are They Now?

A lot of talented content creators have passed through GameSpot’s halls over the last 20 years. But where are they now? In the video above!

20 Reasons Why We Love Games

There are a LOT more than 20 reasons to love games, but we narrowed it down to 20, because, that’s our anniversary year. You might see a theme emerging here.

What’s Your Favorite Game from the Last 20 Years?

20 years is a lot of gaming. In this feature, we rounded up 20 staff members, and asked for their favorite game from the last 20 years. (Yeah, we’re really pushing this “20” theme.) But what’s YOUR favorite game? Visit the comments and let us know what the actual best game was.

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