Outlander: Meet the Man Who Played the Biggest Jerk in Scotland

Full spoilers for Outlander’s Season 2 episode “The Fox’s Lair” continue below.

Outlander viewers finally met an important and infamous figure in Jamie Fraser’s past: his grandfather Simon Fraser, the current Lord Lovat. There’s a lot of dark history between the two that comes into play when Jamie tries to convince his grandfather to join Bonnie Prince Charlie’s cause, and the interactions offer new depths to Sam Heughan’s character.

Adding to the excitement about the introduction of Simon Fraser is the actor who played him: Clive Russell. Russell has starred in Ripper Street, Sherlock Holmes and The Wolfman, but is perhaps best known by fans as the Blackfish (Catelyn Stark’s uncle Brynden Tully) on Game of Thrones. He got to sink his teeth into Lord Lovat, who not only is Jamie’s grandfather in the fictional Outlander world but was a real-life Scottish figure, and rather infamous in actual history as well.

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