What Does DC Rebirth Hold in Store for Superman?

Last week was a huge one for the Superman franchise, and the twists kept coming in Superman Rebirth #1 today.

superman rebirth cover

Warning: there are spoilers for Superman #52 and Superman Rebirth #1 below!

Superman Rebirth #1 picked up where Superman #52 left off last week, as the New 52 Superman is now dead and buried. The surviving Superman returned to his counterpart’s grave, utterly convinced that it would on;y be a matter of time before the fallen Man of Steel would rise again. After all, this Superman has experience battling an unstoppable foe, dying and being reborn, so why wouldn’t the same be true for the New 52 Superman? Unfortunately, Clark found unequivocal proof that the New 52 Superman is dead and won’t be returning. Now he has no chocie but to reclaim the mantle of Superman and fill the void left by his fallen predecessor.

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