Beta for PixelJunk Dev’s Communist Building Game Begins Friday

Q-Games, the developer of the PixelJunk series, revealed The Tomorrow Children at Gamescom 2014, but little has been seen of it since. The studio has now announced an open beta for its collaborative building game.

From June 3 at 9 AM BST/10 AM CET until 9 AM BST/10 AM CET on June 6 all PS4 owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to “give their all in service to our glorious nation and help restore civilisation.”

On the PlayStation Blog, studio president Dylan Cuthbert discussed the game’s mechanics and how resources can be used. Take a look below to see these details, as well as new screenshots from the game.

The Void

The true nature of the Void is a mystery, but it will claim those who stray too far from the stabilizing fields in towns. Be sure to use the bus to travel safely to islands.


The resources needed to expand and maintain towns, as well as Matryoshka Dolls in need of rescue, are found on the strange islands that surround towns. Take your tools and travel there to toil in service of our nation.


Towns require electric power to function. Build and use Treadmill Generators to keep them going.


Go to the Ministry of Labour to receive Ration Coupons in exchange for your hard work. These coupons are traded at kiosks for a variety of items needed for doing more work.


Towns are under constant threat of attack by the Izverg, monsters of unknown origin. Build turrets and arm yourselves to turn them away.


Remember that all comrades are working together for the common good. Items on the ground and stored resources can be used freely by all.

As your time in the Void grows, we are sure that you will learn what kind of service suits you best. We will of course support you as well, but it is the duty of all comrades to become stronger in mind, body, and spirit for the glory of all.

For more on The Tomorrow Children, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

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