Game of Thrones Actor Previews Blackfish’s Mission

Full spoilers for Game of Thrones through Sunday’s episode, “The Broken Man,” continue below.

The Blackfish is back on Game of Thrones!

After Sansa Stark heard that her great uncle Brynden Tully was rallying the Tully troops at Riverrun, fans have been hoping that Clive Russell’s character would pop back up on Game of Thrones. That finally came to pass in “The Broken Man,” the first appearance of the Blackfish since his well-timed bathroom break at the Red Wedding in Season 3.

I spoke with Russell about his return to Game of Thrones and what the Blackfish’s motivations are after so much time has passed. He talks about his character’s Red Wedding “survivor’s guilt,” as well as his big conflict over whether to support Sansa and the Starks.

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