The female orgasm simulation game that’s too hot for Apple to touch

La Petite Mort offers a ‘one of a kind digital erotic experience’ and aims to normalise discussion of female pleasure, but has not been warmly embraced by all

I’m watching a musician, with whom I’ve been intimate, play an intimate musical game on his smartphone. As he lightly circles his finger and the music swells, the screen reddens and so do I. This is perhaps the first time I’ve been turned on by a video game – and I’m not even playing it.

This is La Petite Mort, a touch-based game described as a “one of a kind digital erotic experience” by its creator, a small Danish studio named Lovable Hat Cult. The concept arose after a discussion at the Copenhagen Game Collective. This is a network of experimental developers responsible for the annual romance and sex-themed Lyst Summit and other boundary-pushing projects such as an adult colouring game. The hope is that La Petite Mort will be the first in a budding genre: female stimulation simulation. I am totally onboard.

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