Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Length Revealed; Lets You Play DLC Characters Early

Street Fighter V‘s June Update, which includes the free story mode and DLC character Ibuki, releases near the end of June, and Capcom has revealed new details about the story mode on its blog. The developer also discussed changes to how in-game currency works and stuff you’ll be able to buy through the in-game store.

The free story expansion, A Shadow Falls, runs for about three to four hours and bridges the gap between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. It sounds like A Shadow Falls will be similar in structure to the story modes in Mortal Kombat X and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The story revolves around the final battle between the Shadaloo organization and the World Warriors. M. Bison is granted immense power from seven “Black Moons.” Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li travel around the world in an attempt to find fragment pieces that will help them put a stop to the Moons. They run into other Street Fighter characters along the way, and they probably end up fighting each other.

Additionally, all six DLC characters are playable in the upcoming story expansion. Alex, Guile, and Ibuki will be joined by the yet-to-be-released Balrog, Urien, and Juri, though the latter three won’t be playable outside of this mode until later in the year–Capcom notes that they aren’t “final or tournament ready” and “still need to be properly polished and balanced.” The full DLC schedule can be found here, though it’s worth noting that Capcom missed its May date for Ibuki and has stated that its focus is on “completeness,” even at the expense of further delays.

Players will also earn Fight Money from finishing the story mode, which then unlocks a higher difficulty that can be completed for even more of the in-game currency.

Capcom planned to implement Zenny, which you’d purchase with real money and use on items in the store. However, the Street Fighter developer has now cancelled its plans for the in-game currency and will instead use real money through the PlayStation Store and Steam. You can see how it works out below.

Fight Money Real Currency
New Characters 100,000 $5.99 / €5.99
New Stages 70,000 $3.99 / €5.99
Alternate Stages 40,000 $1.99 / €1.99
Story Costumes 40,000 $1.99 / €1.99
Premium Costumes N/A $3.99 / €3.99

Premium Costumes will go on sale, which means you’ll be able to purchase preorder skins like “Hot” Bearded Ryu once the June Update hits. However, you’ll only be able to purchase them with real money.

Other modes in the works include Versus CPU, Extra Battle, and a revamped Daily Challenges mode called Targets. Capcom said it’ll share more details in the future.

Street Fighter V is currently discounted on PS4. You can see it and more PlayStation deals here.

You can check out cinematic story mode videos and GameSpot’s Ibuki impressions through the links below.

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