Madden NFL 17 Accessibility Improvements Make It Easier to See the Game

Madden NFL 17 releases this summer, and it’ll come with improved accessibility options that make it easier for those with sight impairments to play virtual football. All of the new accessibility options will be a part of the Visual Feedback screen in the Settings menu, EA announced on its website.

The first of these options is larger on-field graphics, which make icons like passes, tackle battles, and catches easier to see. The UI banners will also be enlarged, though won’t cover too much of the screen space. Additionally, the kick meter is both larger and pinned to the screen–it’s normally a part of the in-game world. You can check out some of the changes in the images below.

On top of the larger UI, colorblind support has also been implemented via filters that will cover the entire game. Red, green, and blue colorblindness are supported, and the differences can be seen in the gallery above.

Lastly, Madden NFL 17 finally adds five levels of both brightness and contrast. This can also been seen in the gallery above.

Madden NFL 17 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on August 23.

It was announced that Madden NFL 17 will add Play the Moment to Franchise mode at EA’s E3 press conference. The new feature lets you experience only the key moments you want, such as crucial punts, drives with only two minutes left, and lead-changing field goals.

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