Twisted Pixel bringing Wilson’s Heart to Oculus starring Peter Weller and Rosario Dawson

Twisted Pixel is back, and if Wilson’s Heart is any indication, the crew behind ‘Splosion Man and Comic Jumper has developed a bit of an edge since breaking apart from Microsoft. The studio’s new Oculus game was just announced on YouTube’s live E3 stream and the black-and-white horror mystery looks darker than any of its previous projects.

Twisted Pixel CCO Josh Bear said that the idea for Wilson’s Heart (which the studio used to casually refer to as “The Hands Game”) is one the studio had ruminated on for quite some time. But it really took shape when the team began experimenting with the Oculus Touch controller to let the player use their own hands to explore a richly-detailed world. The player’s goal? To recover the heart of their…

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