Watch Sea of Thieves’ First Gameplay Footage

Rare’s brand new IP, Sea of Thieves, was highlighted during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this morning. Following a cinematic trailer that tried to set up the mood, we got our first look at the game in action.

The video shows a number of players from outside the studio who were split into three groups and given no tutorial. Each group has a ship that we see them sailing around in, collaborating to raise the anchor or sails. They also swim around in the water and go drinking at a bar on land, which causes a drunk effect to occur that obscures the on-screen action.

We then see the different ships meet up and engage in combat. One player steers the ship while other players fire cannons at the enemy ship. Water begins leaking into one of the ships through holes that players can patch up. It appears if this isn’t done quickly enough, the entire ship can capsize.

Sea of Thieves is coming to both Xbox One and PC. Like some of the other games featured during today’s press briefing, buying a digital copy on one platform entitles you to access on both.

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