Xbox Exec on All Those Leaks — “It Sucks”

More than a few of Microsoft’s E3 2016’s announcements were leaked early, including the existence of Dead Rising 4 and the Xbox One S, as well as Recore’s release date, and more. Microsoft initially and amazingly responded to the leaks by releasing a statement that said only, “_(ツ)_/¯.”

Now, Xbox head of operations Dave McCarthy has commented further. In an interview at E3 2016 today, McCarthy said “it sucks” when leaks happen. However, he was still generally happy with how Microsoft’s show went down, as it was the first time Microsoft fully delivered its “playing without boundaries” message that included its Play Anywhere efforts and more.

“We do our best to try to keep that stuff under wraps; it’s hard–we’ve got an exciting story to tell. Those things, when they get out, they hurt us,” McCarthy said. “We have teams that work had on these things; they’re waiting for the big day at E3 to reveal them. Honestly, we felt so passionate about that ‘playing without boundaries’ message today that we knew, even with the little leaks, that bringing the whole story together…it was a story we were really excited to tell our fans.

“We honestly think there is never a better time [than now] to be an Xbox gamer,” he added. “It sucks when those things get out. But at the end of the day, we’re excited to tell the whole story today and we think people have already responded well to it.”

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