Dead Rising 4 Lets You Mod Your Body

The Dead Rising series has never shown much in the way of restraint. In Dead Rising 3, you can craft explosive battle axes and electric stoplight polearms, flaming steamrollers and sword-bearing motorcycles. In Dead Rising 4, Capcom doesn’t seem to be stopping that trend of lethal creativity–to facilitate further destruction in the upcoming sequel, you can mod yourself.

“Dead Rising 3 lets you craft vehicles,” executive producer Joe Nickolls said during a recent demo at E3 2016. “In Dead Rising 4, you can essentially craft yourself.”

Nickolls was reluctant to share specific mods or crafting formulas, but we did get the chance to don one of Dead Rising 4’s exo suits that will allow for crafting new body mods. The metal exterior allowed us to take more damage and deal brutal melee attacks, and Nickolls said they’ll play a vital role in making returning protagonist Frank West into a walking weapon.

“We honestly don’t even know how many zombies are in the game,” Nickolls said. “I’m not lying. It’s not a PR stunt. We honestly don’t know. I think our kill record from our QA department is 12,000 zombies in five minutes.”

Specific weapon caches housed exo suits throughout the small chunk of Dead Rising 4’s map we played, along with massive flamethrowers and mini-guns that chewed through zombies at a rapid velocity. It’s still unclear how the game’s overall structure will work–Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 had stricter time limitations before you got a “quasi game over,” while Dead Rising 3 loosened the overarching objectives in favor of a more accessible open world.

But, after multitudes of fans expressed their affection for the original series protagonist, Frank West is back for the fourth entry. “People love Frank,” Nickolls said. “And even though we’re bringing him back, this is not, in any way, a remake. Some people have been making that mistake. But this is a full blown new game.”

Dead Rising is slated for a holiday 2016 release date for Xbox One and PC, perhaps right around the game’s Christmas setting. For more news making its way out of E3 2016, stay tuned to GameSpot’s E3 page.

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