New Pokemon, Free-For-All Battle Mode Revealed in Sun/Moon Trailer

Pokemon Sun / Moon releases later this year, but you don’t have to wait until then to see brand new Pokemon. Four new ones were revealed in a trailer, and those who wanted a new way to battle with their captured creatures can take on three other players in Battle Royal.

The four new Pokemon are Pikipek, a flying bird; Yungoos, a normal mongoose-like creature; Grubbin, a tiny bug; and Magearna, a mythical fairy. You can check out the new Pokemon’s types and abilities in the list below.

  • Pikipek: Normal, Flying–Abilities: Keen Eye, Skill Link
  • Yungoos: Normal–Abilities: Stakeout, Strong Jaw
  • Grubbin: Bug–Ability: Swarm
  • Magearna: Steel, Fairy–Ability: Soul-Heart

The trailer demos Magearna’s Soul-Heart ability, which seems to activate when a companion Pokemon faints in a doubles battle. It raises Magearna’s special attack, which makes her move Fleur Cannon extra powerful. You can see it for yourself in the video at the top of this article.

Additionally, four player free-for-all battles called Battle Royal are shown off. Each player can choose to attack one of the other three Pokemon–it looks there’s ample opportunity to gang up on one trainer and ruin their day. You can see a demo of the new mode here.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release for the 3DS on November 18.

In other Nintendo news, the upcoming Legend of Zelda game got an official title and new gameplay for it was revealed in a trailer. It features Link climbing cliffs, using stealth to take out enemies, and wearing plate armor.

You can watch Nintendo’s Treehouse stream here. We’ll have more articles going up on what’s shown throughout the rest of the day.

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