Comic Book Reviews for June 15, 2016

E3 may be dominating all the headlines right now, but it was a huge week for comic lovers as well. DC delivered a trifecta of major Batman comics, including the new Batman #1, the Dark Knight Returns prequel The Last Crusade, and Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso’s graphic novel Dark Night: A True Batman Story. If that weren’t enough, they also released Titans Rebirth #1 and debuted several key ongoing series with Superman #1, Green Lanterns #1 and Green Arrow #1. Elsewhere, Marvel expanded the scope of Civil War II and kicked off a new Star Wars mini-series and readers got new installments of fan-favorite books like Invincible, Lumberjanes, Lazarus and Jughead.

Scroll down to read our reviews for these and various other new releases, and be sure to let us know your favorite books of the week in the comments below.

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